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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 12

She said … With one more deep breath, the final balloon was inflated.  I tossed it off of my bed and looked around my room at the balloon-covered floor.  I had blown up one balloon for every day separating me from my trip to Iowa—and from Alex.  I sighed and flopped back on the floor, …

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The Question Project

Music, as defined by Webster, is “the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity.” This has come to be the generally accepted definition of music. However, Webster also defines music as, “An agreeable sound.” Sound, by its second …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 11

He said … We pulled our luggage out of the back of Josué, Jess’ Jeep, and slammed the doors shut. I stood triumphantly in Jess’ driveway, looking up at the house and lifting my arms in relaxed victory. “Is break not the best thing ever?” I asked, directing the question to no particular member of …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 10

She said … Alex was oddly silent as we made our way to the park. I was glad he had suggested a walk, because there was a lot on my mind, and talking to him always helped me to sort out my thoughts. I had another date with Ted coming up, and I felt the …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 9

And then, out of nowhere, the words formed on my mouth. I had no idea where they came from. I just said them. “I … think …” I started, being sure to look only at the ceiling tiles and not Kylee. “I think that I like Jess …” He said … Kylee placed her hands …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 8

He said … I knew two things to be true: I was a particularly perceptive individual, and Jess was exceptionally easy to read. The two of those in combination led to Jess rarely being able to keep anything from me. I suppose that was the reason I suggested we exchange stories in the first place—it …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 7

She said … I slammed the door shut on my Jeep and took a deep breath, stretching my arms out to my sides. It felt great to be back at Cedarville, which I hadn’t expected. After the stressful end to the previous semester, I was worried that coming back school would cause those feelings and …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 6

She said … Alex was right. Through the hundreds of thoughts racing through my mind as I paced back and forth in my dorm room after leaving Sid standing in the Bible Building, this one stuck out most clearly. Sid was exactly who Alex had said he was. I had just been too stubborn, proud, …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 5

He said … I was forced, in my years as an observant male, to notice that women have strange habits. Men, for the most part, do not and cannot understand these habits either. We don’t understand how women can have so many pairs of shoes. We don’t understand how your hair ties and bobby pins …

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Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Part 4

She said … I gathered up my purse from the floor of the car and turned to face Sid, my hand on the door handle. “I had a lot of fun tonight.” I smiled a little shyly at him as he slid his thumb across my hand. “I did too.” His blue eyes looked even …

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