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Get the Source

The source code for Get Organized is open source and licensed under the GNU GPL. The full license agreement is available here.  Click the links at the bottom of this page to download either the latest stable version of the source code or the latest unstable alpha release.

The latest unstable release of the source code includes recent and potentially unfinished work for the next alpha release of Get Organized—it is guaranteed to compile, but not necessarily to build stable installers or to build a stable version of the application. The stable source code will compile to match the most recent release of Get Organized and is guaranteed to build if the procedures below are followed.

Under the GNU GPL, you are welcome to download and modify the source of Get Organized.


Contributing to Get Organized

Whether you want to help fix bugs, implement features, or just poke around in the code, Get Organized is available to you on GitHub.


Translating Get Organized

Localization is used throughout Get Organized. If you are fluent in both English and another language, you can contribute to Get Organized by translating the English resource file into another language. In the source, the language resource files are located under adl/go/resource/languages. Language resource bundles should match the naming convention: bundle_<xxx>.properties, where <xx> is the two-letter abbreviation for the translated language.

After the file has been translated, build and test Get Organized, verifying dimensions of components with text are not adversely effected by the translation. Once you have verified the integrity of the program with the translation, send the language resource bundle back to us.


Building Get Organized

Once you have downloaded a copy of the Get Organized source code, unzip the project. You can open the project using NetBeans. To ensure compatibility, Get Organized can reliably be built on Windows XP, Vista, or 7 using JDK 6. You can download a bundle of NetBeans and JDK 6 by clicking here.

Necessary dependencies are included in the Get Organized source zip, and build paths are relative, so simply opening the unzipped project with NetBeans should allow for an immediate build.

Building Windows Installer

To build the Get Organized Windows installer, do the following from a Windows installation of NetBeans: right-click on build.xml in the File viewer and select Run Target->Other Targets->create-installer.

Building OS X Package

To build the Get Organized OS X package, do the following from a OS X installation of NetBeans: right-click on build.xml in the File viewer and select Run Target->Other Targets->create-installer.

Building Portable Zip

When you run create-installer on Windows to build the Windows installer, the Get Organized Portable zip file will also be generated.