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Time Keeper

Does your employer ask you to keep a record of your own hours? Have you been using a less-than-optimal tool like Excel to keep track of those hours? Or, perhaps you have multiple charge numbers you work under each day and you’d like a convenient, concise way to keep track of hours worked and where. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Time Keeper is what you’re looking for.

Time Keeper eliminates the hassle of remembering when you signed in and signed out, because it remembers for you.  When your computer starts, just sign in, and get to work!  Time Keeper takes care of the rest. Throughout the day, transition easily between charge numbers without ever worrying about losing track of hours.  At the end of the day, simply stop Time Keeper and head home knowing that your hours have been safely and accurately stored.

Time Keeper also maintains a comprehensive history regarding your hours.  These personalized records are exported to a spreadsheet on a periodic basis—monthly by default, but this can be customized.  This makes it easy to look up past details from hours worked to the charge number or specific tasks.

Whether your employer requires you to track your hours for time charging purposes or if you simply want to monitor your own progress, Time Keeper can take the hassle out of your work day.

Still not completely sold? Check out these screenshots to see how Time Keeper will help you.

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