Once Upon a Cotton Ball, Epilogue

We said …

Today is the day.

In just a few short hours, Jess will put on a beautiful white dress and Alex will suit up. With friends, family, and loved ones gathered together from all over the country, we will stand in front of Jess’ home church and commit our to each other. What a beautiful and special day it will be!

Today will be a flurry of activity, but we wanted to pause and let you all know where we are headed from here. Through reading our story, you’ve caught a glimpse of the thrilling journey we’ve been on over the past several years, and some of you have walked right along beside us through it. But whoever you are, you hopefully know us a little better now, and are probably wondering what is next.

Well, after the wedding day we have all been waiting for, we are jetting off to an undisclosed honeymoon location, which Alex has been hard at work planning for months. After a week of enjoying wherever it is we are headed, we’ll be moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In just over a week, Alex will be starting a job at Rockwell Collins as a software engineer. A few weeks later, Jess will be beginning an internship at Aid to Women and who knows where she’ll go from there!

The weeks and months ahead will be an incredibly exciting time for us, as we begin our new life as Alex and Jess Laird. We have come a long way—from that first meeting when Alex choked down a cotton ball to the two of us saying “I do”—and we could not be more thankful to Him for the indescribable ways that He has blessed us.

With that, we would like to say “thank you”. Whether you are a complete stranger or someone who watched it all happen firsthand, we truly hope you have enjoyed reading our story as much as we loved writing it together. Our relationship would not be what it is without the thoughts, prayers, encouragement and support that many have given us from day one.

To those of you who will celebrate with us today, we can’t wait to share in the joy of it together with you! Thank you so much for being a part of our life.

In Christ,
Alex & Jess

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.”

-Song of Songs 6:3