How Well Do You Know Jess and Alex?

Well, the wedding quiz results are in!  First off, we’d like to offer our congratulations to Jacob Waid and Sarah Anderson for earning the highest score of anyone who took the quiz (including family): 106%! There prize has yet to be determined, but when we do think of it, we’ll give it to them over a home-cooked meal at The Laird Apartment on a weekend of their choosing.

Second of all, we feel obligated to congratulate anyone who got over 100%, even if they didn’t technically win, so our congratulations also go out to David and Sarah Benson who received 103% on the quiz.  While you don’t win anything, we’re still pretty impressed that you did so well and happy that you’re obviously reading our blogs.  Also, thanks for the teapot.  That thing is awesome.

If you’d like to know your individual score, comment on this post or shoot one of us an email and we’ll look it up for you.  However, upon grading this quiz we did realize that we apparently made it way more difficult than we had originally anticipated.  But, hey, if the four people above could get over 100%, it obviously wasn’t impossible.

Confused as to what we’re talking about?  Well, during the reception of our wedding we had a quiz we gave our guests: How Well Do You Know Jess and Alex? We also gave this quiz to the guests at our Iowa reception.  Before we get into the more interesting averages and statistics on how well those who took it did, we’ll post the quiz below for those of you who didn’t get the chance to take it.


How Well Do You Know Jess and Alex?

The Friendship

1.) Where did Alex and Jess first meet?
A.) Getting Started Weekend at Cedarville
B.) An Arbor Day Tribute
C.) East Iowa Bible Camp
D.) A Finnish All-Saints Day party

2.) When Alex and Jess were just friends, how regularly was Jess asked if they were dating yet?
A.) Never
B.) Once or twice
C.) Once a week
D.) Daily

3.) What was the occasion on which Alex went to Jess’ house and met her family?
A.) The 4th of July
B.) Jess’ Birthday
C.) The Pumpkin Show
D.) Jess’ mother’s birthday

4.) What did Alex do during Alex and Jess’ first encounter that caused Jess to believe he was not mentally stable?
A.) He jumped off a high roof into a pile of leaves
B.) He ate a cotton ball
C.) He smashed a pop can on his head
D.) He explained why a proof of NP-completeness is theoretically impossible

5.) What was unusual about the circumstances in which Alex professed his (soon to be) love to Jess?
A.) He was seeing another girl
B.) She was seeing another guy
C.) She had already turned him down twice
D.) He knew she refused to date homeschoolers

6.) What was Jess’ first reaction when Alex told her that he “may not be altogether convinced that [he] couldn’t potentially be completely opposed to the idea of sort of maybe possibly dating [her] at some point in the future”?
A.) She burst out into tears
B.) She kissed him
C.) She expressed mutual feelings of interest
D.) She laughed at his joke


The Dating

7.) What did Alex give Jess over Easter that finally caused her to realize her feelings for him?
A.) A promise ring
B.) A plate of pizza rolls
C.) A necklace
D.) A letter

8.) What is the anniversary of Alex and Jess’ first date?
A.) April 30, 2010
B.) October 31, 2010
C.) November 2, 2010
D.) They can’t remember

9.) What restaurant did Alex and Jess go to on their first date?
A.) Chipotle
B.) Chinese Restaurant
C.) Texas Roadhouse
D.) William’s Eatery

10.) What kind of flowers did Alex buy for Jess on their first date?
A.) Daisies
B.) Roses
C.) Lilies
D.) Tulips

11.) Aside from his undying love, what else did Alex use to bribe Jess when he  asked her to be his girlfriend?
A.) A stuffed dog
B.) A promise ring
C.) A bag of her favorite coffee
D.) A Symphony bar


The Engagement

12.) When Alex asked Jess’ father for permission to marry her, where did they go to talk?
A.) Beans n’ Cream in Cedarville
B.) Chipotle in Springfield
C.) The Underdog Café in Yellow Springs
D.) New China restaurant in Xenia

13.) Where did Alex propose to Jess?
A.) On an ancient burial ground
B.) At a Yellow Jackets game
C.) In a hot air balloon
D.) At the top of a tree

14.) Aside from an engagement ring, what else did Jess receive from Alex when he proposed?
A.) A bouquet of roses
B.) A stuffed dog
C.) A poem he had written
D.) A matching pair of earrings

15.) After Alex’s proposal to Jess, they headed back to Alex’s house.  What did Jess think was waiting there?
A.) A wrapped gift
B.) A birthday party
C.) A pile of dirty dishes
D.) Nothing special

16.) Regarding the question above, what was actually waiting at Alex’s house?
A.) A candlelit dinner
B.) A wrapped gift
C.) An old friend
D.) An engagement party

17.) Who helped Alex distract Jess for the afternoon before he proposed?
A.) Emilie Lynch
B.) Joey and Jenna Woestman
C.) Kylee Husak
D.) Kara Rathburn

18.) Who assisted Alex in planning the surprise engagement party?
A.) Emilie Lynch
B.) Joey and Jenna Woestman
C.) Kylee Husak
D.) Kara Rathburn

19.) Where did Alex and Jess have their engagement pictures taken?
A.) John Bryan State Park
B.) Cedarville Park
C.) Indian Mounds
D.) Ellis Park


The Random

20.) When was Alex and Jess’ first kiss?
A.) Sometime before they were dating
B.) On their first date
C.) When Alex proposed
D.) Today, obviously

21.) What is the name of Alex and Jess’ vehicle?
A.) Josué
B.) The J2K
C.) Jaclyn
D.) Jeeves

22.) What is the name of Alex and Jess’ soon-to-be puppy?
A.) Ernie
B.) Henry
C.) Tyke
D.) Maxwell

23.) What is Alex and Jess’ favorite thing to do together?
A.) Going on walks
B.) Coffee dates
C.) Romantic dinners
D.) Staring into each other’s eyes

24.) Whose wedding anniversary will Alex and Jess now share?
A.) Stephen and Ashley Willcox
B.) Joey and Jenna Woestman
C.) Andrew and Laura Laird
D.) Dennis and Vicki Rathburn

25.) What state will Alex and Jess be moving to after they return from their honeymoon?
A.) Iowa
B.) Indiana
C.) Maine
D.) Staying in Ohio

26.) Where have Alex and Jess both worked?
A.) Cedarville University
B.) Rockwell Collins
C.) East Iowa Bible Camp
D.) The Savings Bank

27.) What is Alex and Jess’ mutually favorite restaurant?
A.) Chipotle
B.) Red Lobster
C.) Olive Garden
D.) Texas Roadhouse

28.) Over the course of their relationship, what video game did Alex get Jess addicted to?
A.) Mass Effect
B.) Portal
C.) Commander Keen
D.) F.E.A.R.

29.) What new skill has Alex started teaching Jess since they became engaged?
A.) Cooking
B.) Computer programming
C.) How to do a hand stand
D.) How to touch her tongue to her nose

30.) What is the name of Alex and Jess’ first dance song today?
A.) Mae – Sometimes I Can’t Make it Alone
B.) Mae – Ready and Waiting to Fall
C.) Mae – The Sun and the Moon
D.) Mae – The Everglow


Bonus Fill-in-the-Blank Questions:

31.) In Jess’ bridal outfit, what is “Something Old”?

32.) In Jess’ bridal outfit, what is “Something New”?

33.) In Jess’ bridal outfit, what is “Something Borrowed”?

34.) In Jess’ bridal outfit, what is “Something Blue”?

35.) Where did Alex purchase the ring that Jess is wearing?



And the results are in!  We’ll post the answers to the questions … eventually.  But for now, let’s just get the quiz results out there!

Ohio Results

Highest score: 106.67%
Lowest score: 26.67%
Average score: 60%
Standard deviation: 16.97%

I suppose we could curve it to make those numbers look a little better.  Plus, that’s a pretty large standard deviation … everybody add 10% to your score so we look like better teachers!

Iowa Results

Highest score: 103.33%
Lowest score: 0%
Average score: 36.67%
Standard deviation: 24.84%

The highest score at the Iowa reception goes to Kara Rathburn, who tied the second-highest score at the Ohio reception.  She doesn’t win a prize since she’s our sister.  However, congratulations anyway!

The lowest score goes to the other side of the family:  Jenna Woestman.  Who signed her name at the top and subsequently didn’t answer a  single question.  Come on, Jenna.  We expect you to apply yourself a little more!  It’s also worth noting that Jenna’s husband, Joey, got an impressive 73.33% … and of the questions he answered, he didn’t get a single one wrong!  Unfortunatly, Jenna must have been rubbing off on him, because he left several blank, and that’s why his score was so low.

What we can really glean from these results is that the Ohioans read our blog much more diligently than the Iowans.  Believe it or not, the answer to every question (save two, I believe) can be found in the Once Upon a Cotton Ball series!  The average score was a lot lower, and the standard deviation was way higher … Iowans, you can add 10% to all of your scores as well.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it look too much better, comparatively.  We still love you!  And, hey, we live here.  So you have all the time in the world to get to know us and learn the right answers!



Thanks to everyone that participated, came to our wedding, sent us cards, gifts, money, and your love.  Thanks for being a part of our new life together, and thanks for making our wedding, reception, Iowa reception, and moving process such a wonderful occasion!  We love you all.