Twilio-Powered Air Quality Texting Service

With wildfire season upon us, use this handy texting tool to find out what the air quality is in your area. Simply text your zip code to (415) 212-4229 for air quality updates. You can also add “map” to the text to be sent an image of your region.

This service isn’t just useful for individuals with limited access to smartphones or the Internet. It also alleviates the load put on air quality sites like AirNow, which are often overloaded and unavailable during wildfire season due to the spike in traffic. Texting this number instead is a great way to get the same information without bogging down those sites, helping them to stay up for others who need to access them.

Spread the word and stay safe! If you’re interested in nerding out over the code, feel free to check it out on GitHub, and if you have questions or comments, tweet @alexdlaird to let him know.